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8Teenboy – Scandal at Helix Academy: Chapter II

After witnessing Ryker Madison and Doug Acre having sex before class Evan Parker and Casey Tanner go back to their dorm room to plot. After planning these two have some fun of their own. Casey and Evan explore each others bodies until Evan can't take it any longer and pounds Casey's tight hole. Casey rides Evan like a pro and it isn't long before these boyfriends burst all over their bed before class beings.


Aiden Brody: Updatee

Hey guys its beenn a while sinec ive written one of these and i need the power boost points since i just got back from a little vacation so i thought id update you guys!! So im planning on moving to LA pretty soon here. Some time in APril is ideal but I always have these crazy ideas so we will see what happens! I definitely see a move coming on in the future. Schools going well as it can be and im currently working another job during the day now 3-4 days a week to help supplement my income before the move and what not. I want to move to LA just to see what is out there for me and maybe a better night life than where I currently am. Also the cute guys dont hurt either!! The gay scene where im at is abysmall and its impossible to find a decent mate. With that being said i am a little tired of being single and webcamming makes it mildly difficult due to people usually being insecure with the idea behind it but Im not going to stop just to appease a potential suitor so its the waiting game for me.And if youre taking the time to read this youre awesome and we should cam to cam some time during privaates because that makes it sooo much more fun.

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John Smithy: Greetings Muscle Fans!!!

Hey Guys, just getting the time in my schedule to start up webcam sessions. I've been busy with other things going on. I'm a health coach, licensed massage therapy, competitive bodybuilder, and currently going to flight school!!! Life has been hectic, but I'm hoping to give at least 10 hours of my time per week to chat and have fun with you guys! Again, I'm not your typical webcam guy as I'm up front and honest. I'm a very soft core guy...only revealing myself totally in private sessions only. I don't mind flexing and posing, verbal, and stuff like that. I also love to just kick around and talk about anything that's going on with your exercise and goals. I can coach and consult with you not a problem!!! In private, our time is "our time." For me, you guys will be helping to support my bodybuilding goal and contributing to my success as I move up the ranks! I'm a caring guy and down-to-earth, but have zero tolerance for any disrespect. Looking forward to meeting you guys, hoping to meet a lot of cool, normal, and down to earth people!!! Please, respect is everything! :) Also, let me know what times work best for you guys and I will personally try and collaborate times with you for private time! Thanks guys! And don't forget! Make sure and follow me on Twitter guys to see where I'm at and where I'm going to be!!! JohnSmithyM4MBEST,J

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Jake Sole: Who I Am

I am a good looking hot guy. A normal guy I would say. I live an awesome life. I have a wife and no extended family. Haha. I'm not ready for extended family yet, but I love the fact of being a dad some day. I think I would be a sexy dad. Hehe. Anyway, yea that's right, I have a wife. I am straight but I do have that secret craving. The craving for some dick. I don't know what it is but when I'm with my boys I just wanna jerk off. And I have fooled around with my buddies before but my wife doesn't know. The stuff me and my buddies so is hot. Turns me on so bad. It's like, yea were friends, but I'll jerk you off. You know what I mean guys? I don't know, but it's hot. It's sexy. So I don't really call it bi, I call it straight with a secret! And yea. That's my title. I'm your normal down to earth guy. I'm real. I don't mess around. I am not afraid of anything and I can do anything I put my mind too. I love my new home here, and I'm so glad to be here. I love everyone I meet, most of u guys turn me on so bad. Just the fact of you watching me turns me on like you wouldn't believe! It's crazy. But I love it. I have a great time with all my people here and I can't wait to meet more of you! Let's get hot!!!

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Chase Swagger: Late Night Walk

The winters air is crisp. Im not sure if its the weather or the activities I had participated in earlier was numbing my face. It was silent in the small forest area, I cut through this patch quite frequently. It was a short cut, a nice break from the concrete jungle. It was abandoned mostly, sometimes I would see a young couple walking briskly with an animal or two. I heard a couple snaps to my left, maybe an small animal moving around. The noise became louder, as a figure moved out of the bush. I was caught quite off guard, lost in my own thoughts. I couldn't see the figures face, but by the looks of it, it was a he. My heart pounded a bit, the adrenaline of the situation hit me. The man stood still, about 40 feet in front of me. He was looking at me it seemed, as I approached I could feel myself getting nervous. A little horny too. The figure started moving towards me. I increased my speed, was I about to get mugged? I heard a light chuckle. Don't worry, the now growingly handsome figure said to me, I'm just wondering if you're looking.

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